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Unlike women who can adorn themselves with a variety of jewelry, a Men Watches can be a man's only accessory for a formal business meeting or for late night dinner dates. A watch can complete a man's wardrobe and reflects a lot about his style or his status in the society. A classic piece in leather band exudes modern elegance, while a diver's men watch with rubber or canvas straps can represent an active lifestyle of an outgoing man. There are a variety of men watches available today and most luxury watches for men can really fetch a very expensive price tag. Buying from a reputable watch stores is the best way to guarantee authenticity. In today's modern consumer world where almost everything can be counterfeited, buying genuine gents watches can become quite tricky. However, there are some flaws that these watches have that can be easily spotted even by ordinary consumers. In most high-end watches, the crystals are usually coated to prevent too much reflection and can make the crystal appear blue. When the men watch you are buying seems to have a lot of reflections when viewing from different angles, the watch is probably a counterfeit. Some watch models have stamped logos on the crowns or even have semi-precious or precious stones embedded on them. In replicas, the logo can be laser etched, lacking the embossed feature of authentic watches. The jewels used can also appear glass-like without the sparkle of the true crystals. In automatic watches where the movements are visible in the back, it can be easy to tell the fake from the original with the quality of the mechanical movement parts. Cheap replicas have plain parts with little or no details. Even with gold plating, they appear roughly made and that are obviously mass-produced. Original men watches have well-defined, polished gears and decorative markings.
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